Newsletter: 4th Quarter 2007

ECWG looses two esteemed members…annual Bombash held…members in the news…

The Explorers Club Washington Group held their “Bombash” exploring the James River Plantations & Jamestown Virginia during October. Frank Power, MN ’93 organized the weekend event which included a guided archaeological tour of Jamestown, the site of the first permanent English settlement in America, which is celebrating its 400th anniversary. The group also visited gracious manor houses all on the historic National Register of properties. Our chapters November dinner meeting with The Circumnavigators Club featured Elizabeth L. Gilbert who moved to Africa in 1991 to work as a photojournalist. Her images of conflicts and cultural issues in Somalia, Rwanda, and other East African countries have appeared in many publications. In December at our annual Black-Tie event with The Antarctican Society, we welcomed Dr. Kerttula de Echave who spoke about the ways in which humans have been adapting, or in some cases not adapting, to unpredictable changes in climate for millennia. The ECWG convened for a brief business meeting and elected Robert J. Atwater, LF ’05, Susan D. Sawtelle, MN ‘01, Cory P. Wilson, MN ’98, Ralph J. Naranjo, FN ’91 and Christopher A. Kerzich, MN ’06 as the new members of the Board of Directors. In December, Robert E. Hyman LF ‘93 and his Society of Woman Geographers wife, Deb Atwood, hosted their annual holiday party for both organizations with 75 attendees. Explorers in the news included: Robert Atwater, LF ’05 and Chris Kerzich, MN ’06 who attended the induction of their friend Steve Fossett, MED ’92 (who remains missing) into the National Aviation Hall of Fame in Dayton, Ohio. Gary Kopff, MN ’91 was featured in a local Washington, D.C. newspaper along with his wife Judy for their continued efforts to entertain wounded soldiers recovering at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. They dress up as clowns tell jokes and create balloon sculptures all while “clowning around”. Meteorologist Bob Simpson, FE ’79 celebrated his 95th birthday! No one has done more for hurricane and tropical meteorology research and forecasting over the years than Bob. Alaskan resident, Art Mortvedt, MN ’84 visited Arlington National Cemetery where he located the grave site of famous polar aviator Floyd Bennett who flew Richard E. Byrd over the North Pole in 1925. Dr. Lee Talbot, FE 57, EC Washington Group chapter chair, will receive the 2008 University of California Alumnae Association “Excellence in Achievement” award given to one of their half million alumnae each year. Dr. Michael Manyak, MED 92, was the medical officer on the flag expedition for the first scientific dive in Mongolia, performed in the second largest lake in Asia, Lake Khosvgol which contains 1-2% of the world’s fresh water. He also recently conducted a workshop on expedition medicine for the American Academy of Family Physicians. Robert E. Hyman, LF ’93 attended the 2007 Charles Lindbergh Symposium to commemorate the 80th anniversary of his historic 1927 flight. Also attending were Patrons of Exploration, Robert and Faanya Rose. Finally, we are sad to announce the passing of Donald Watkin, LF ’61 and Harvey Schreter, FN’82.

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