Our Organization

The Explorers Club Washington Group is the largest local Chapter of the international Explorers Club with headquarters in New York City.

The ECWG encourages explorers of the future with its Exploration and Field Research Grants. These are made each year to graduate students who are enrolled in a college or university in Washington, D.C., Virginia, West Virginia, or Maryland, and who are under the supervision of a qualified scientist or educator. The activity may occur anywhere in the world, but must be for scientific purposes, in accordance with The Explorers Club’s stated objective, “to broaden our knowledge of the universe.”

2015 officers

  • Chairman: Jack Williams, FN ’03
  • Vice Chairman: Caroline ‘Lonnie’ Schorer MN 98
  • Secretary: Bill Runyon, MN 01
  • Treasurer: Bruce Blanchard, MN 78

Standing Committee Chairs

  • Programs Michael Max, FN 05
  • Grants: Joan M. Gardner, FN 03
  • Membership: Michael Wyrick MN 08
  • Publicity & Web Editor: Joe Witte

email addresses of the officers and the program chair are on the Contacts page.

Board of Directors

Immediate Past Chair

  • Craig Cook MN 01

Class of 2015

  • Caroline Baker, FN 64
  • Marilyn Livingood FN 03
  • Michael Manyak MED 91
  • Joe Witte FN 98
  • Sarah Yeomans  FN 07

Class of 2016

  • Donald Gerson, FN 78
  • Joyce Johnson FN 03
  • Daniel Kinsley FE 64
  • Polly Penhale FN 98
  • Cindy Stewart MN 05
  • Arnella Trent MN  10

Class of 2017

  • Daniel Krinsley FE 64
  • Linda Perry FN 13
  • Betsy Steuart MN o5
  • Lee M. Talbot MED ’57

Audio Visual

  • Tony K. Meunier, FN 84

Past Chairman of the ECWG may serve as Ex-Officio Members on the Board of Directors as long as they wish to participate.

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