2010 ECWG Exploration Grant awardees

The list of 2010 ECWG Exploration and Field Research Grants for graduate students includes each awardee’s name, the university he or she is attending, the academic discipline, the research topic, and the location where the research will be conducted.

  • Gerald Carter, University of Maryland, “Do vampire bats perform reciprocity?”, Illinois
  • Habiba Chirchir, George Washington University, “Adaptations to running, locomotor endurance and gracility in modern humans”, Washington DC and Texas
  • Peter Clark, West Virginia University, “A Comprehensive Assessment of Natural Resources and Visitor Impacts to Cliff Habitats in the New River Gorge National River”, West Virginia
  • Stephanie Hasselbacher, College of William and Mary, “Bilingual and Biliterate Language Socialization within the Coushatta Tribe of Louisiana”, Louisiana
  • Kyle Hesed, University of Maryland, “Dispersal and Personal Relationships in the Red-Backed Salamander”, Maryland
  • Elise Larsen, University of Maryland, “Bird Community Responses to Disturbance and Succession at Mount St. Helens”, Washington
  • Derek Miller College of William and Mary, “The Jewish Community of Bridgetown, Barbados:  A Historical Archaeology Study”, Barbados
  • Thomas Saladyga, West Virginia University, “Land use pressure and climate impacts on fire regimes and forest regeneration in the upper Tuul River watershed”, Mongolia
  • Lori Sutter, College of William and Mary, Virginia Institute of Marine Science, “Effects of Global Climate on plant stress and nutrient assimilation in tidal marshes along a salinity gradient”, Virginia
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