2011 ECWG Exploration Grant awardees

This list of 2011 ECWG Exploration and Field Research Grants for graduate students includes each awardee’s name, the university he or she is attending, the academic discipline, the research topic, and the location where the research will be conducted.

  • Abigail Conrad, American University, anthropology, “Permaculture gardens: Investigating food security and alternative agriculture among smallholder farmers in Malawi, Malawi.
  • Rachel Cooper, Virginia Commonwealth University, biology, “Ocean acidification: Understanding ocean carbon cycling and the biological pump in a high CO2 world, Virginia and North Carolina.
  • Renee Gondek, University of Virginia, “Art, women, dress and ritual in Greek vase painting, Greece, Italy, and Cyprus
  • Nell Haynes, American University, anthropology, “Identity, violence, and Bolivian women’s wresting,” Bolivia.
  • Cora Ann Johnston, University of Maryland, biology, “Exploring the influence of evolutionary history on invasive species interactions in Hawaii,” Hawaii.
  • Heather Parker, Johns Hopkins University, Near Eastern studies, “The Levant comes of Age: The ninth century B.C.E. through script traditions,” Germany, Syria, Jordan, Israel, Cyprus.
  • Julia Reis, University of Virginia, civil and environmental engineering, “Planning for reservoir operation and land use with farmers and fishers of the Mekong Basin, Vientiane, Laos.
  • Andrew Zipkin, George Washington University, anthropology, Orche exploitation in the Middle Stone Age of northern Malawi, Malawi
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