Bill Runyon: biography and statement

1.      I have been Explorers Club Member since 2001. I am for the second year, the ECWG Secretary, now serving under a second Chairman and with new Board members. I previously served as an ECWG Board member.

2.      I have handled for over two years administration of RSVPs and hosted our monthly dinner/ lecture meetings at the Cosmos Club. I am actively working on the Lowell Thomas 2013 committee chaired by our previous Board Chairman, Jay Kaplan.

3.      In New York, I served on the TEC Centennial Committee (2002—3) where I was in charge of the heritage Map Project. I was also in charge of the centennial weather station project at HQ, raised the money for its installation and oversaw the work

4.      I served on the Library & Archives committee (2003—4.) I organized and oversaw very substantial fundraising to support the Club (2001—2005.) And I have continued support under every Board and administration since 1997.

5.      I carried Flag # 60 this past year with a stellar crew of friends who are TEC Fellows, members, a student member and future members. I filed the report. I assisted with an earlier Flag expedition.

6.      I have overseen a privately funded and independently administrated young explorers award grant program open to anyone to help five post grad and one undergrad awardee, who were recommended by members of TEC and whom have all continued in their chosen education and professional careers. One of those awardees was part of a TEC Flag Expedition this past year. One has gone on to become a TEC fellow and carry our Flag multiple times. One carried the Wings WorldQuest Flag.

7.      I have nominated thirteen qualified people to the Club—4 members, 4 Fellows and 5 Associates. I believe that each of these categories is an honor for the participant and vital components of our organization. I think that we should develop the student memberships and transitional points to for a strong international and multi-disciplinary membership of explorers of the future.

8.      I am Chairman of the L. Ron Hubbard Foundation representing the many personal professional interests of L. Ron Hubbard (a 46-year TEC Life Fellow who carried the Flag three times) and bridging his legacy to political, physical and social science theories. I began my work in 1980.

9.      Prior to that, I was a field engineer the old fashioned way. We did land surveys, bench mark circuits, topographical surveys and water table monitoring as well as construction site engineering and inspection. I also did independent research.

10.  I am a Life Member of the Navy War College Foundation, the Association of Navy Medical Historians, and St Johns College (Santa Fe) Alumni.

Our Club is filled with fascinating and stellar men and women of many backgrounds and many world views with whom I am honored to associate. Together, through the diversity of our chapters, we form a richly textured, unique, talented, unpredictable and particular gathering that pushes the boundaries of civilization forward with new scientific understandings of the universe that will make the unknown knowable, find common denominators of the paradoxes and discover our common heritage.

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