The 2015 ECWG Board of Directors

The photo below shows members of the Explorers Club Washington Group Board of Directors who attended the January 21 Board meeting in the National Geographic Society building in Washington.

The ECWG Web site Our Organization page lists the 2015 officers that the Board elected at this meeting. This page also lists all of the current members of the Board.

At desk, from left: Bruce Blanchard, treasurer, Jack Williams, chair, Bill Runyon, secretary, Lee Talbot; sanding from left; Cindy Steuart, Mike Manyak, Arnella Trent, Carole Baker, Lonnie Schorer, Tony Meunier, Betsy Steuart, Michael Wyrick, Polly Penhale, Jay Kaplan, 2011-2013 chair. Photo by Board Member Don Gerson

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