2 Tables set aside for ECWG members at ECAD

Arrangements have been made for two tables at this year’s Explorers Club Annual Dinner, March 21st, Saturday evening, for ECWG members who’d like to be together when the ECWG’s long-time treasurer Bruce Blanchard, MN 78, receives the Edward C. Sweeney Memorial Medal.

 To request a seat or seats at one of the ECWG tables you should call the EC’s main New York City number, 212-628-8383, and tell the person who answers that you want to sit at one of at one of the two tables set aside for the Explorers Club Washington Group.

 These tables are for those who purchase “Explorer” tickets  for $375.

 Former ECWG Chair Julius “Jay” Kaplan, MN 01, who arranged for the ECWG tables, says if you have already reserved a seat or seats you should call the EC main number and tell the person who answers what you want.

 If that person isn’t able to help you, Jay suggests that you ask to speak with Will Roseman, the Executive Director, with whom Jay made the arrangements for the tables. 

 Since each table holds only 10 people the ECWG tables could quickly fill up. Calling sooner rather than later would be a good idea.

 All the details about this year’s ECAD  (at NYC American Museum of Natural History) and the full 3 day weekend event:

 Come join us to honor our own Bruce Blanchard, MN ’78 as he receives the Sweeney Medal.

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