Call for your adventures to The Explorers Log, Fall 2015

Call for submissions for

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This is a first call for submissions for the next issue of The Explorers Log, Fall 2015. The submission is requested by September 15, 2015, or sooner. The approximate schedule is given below.

Please send your submissions to

or, send to Joe Witte, ECWG, who will submit to NY offices:

Submissions should be a maximum of 500 words, should reflect your chapter’s activities and, if possible, should include two or three photographs (jpeg, 300 dpi resolution at approximately 4×6”, a 500kB file or greater). If possible, identify each Explorers Club member in any group photo shot;submit a caption with each photo, and credit the photographer if you know. The Log prints as black and white images, so either B&W or color can be sent.

Please help by standardizing member’s name in your submissions and correcting minor style issues. As a basic guide for titles, names and designations:

no comma placed between the name and membership designation (MN’75). Member’s names and designations are in boldface type in the main text (when first noted, but not in subsequent use or in photo captions or in sidebars outside of the margins.)

Jane Smith, PhD FN’89
John Jones, JD, PhD FI’99
       Dr. David Snowy FI’99

Please read your submission for grammatical correctness so a minimum of editorial modifications are required. Thank you for your continuing support of The Log! We look forward to seeing the news.

The Summer issue (Volume 47, Number 2) had news from ONLY 11 of our 26 chapters; we hope for an expanded inclusion in the fall. It was mailed on schedule and has been received by most.


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