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DVDs of past ECWG speaker presentations are available

The ECWG has been making video recordings of speakers at our Cosmos Club dinners since October 1987. DVDs of these videos are available for sale. They may be ordered from Donald Gerson FE 78 at A list of the DVDs is … Continue reading

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ECWG members organizing 2017 research trip to Nikumaroro.

ECWG member Tom King FN’02 and colleagues including ECWG Vice-Chair Lonnie Schorer MN’98 and Andrew McKenna of the Rocky Mountain Chapter MN ’07 are organizing a research trip to Nikumaroro in the Phoenix Islands of Kiribati for the summer of … Continue reading

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Recent ECWG member activities: L. Berger, R. Potts and M. Manyak

Log items, thanks to Michael Manyak, Exporers Club, Washington Group   Lee Berger PhD FI’13 announced the discovery in South Africa of a new early human-like species Homo naledi. The treasure trove of fossils from at least 15 skeletons around … Continue reading

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ECWG Dec. 5th dinner speaker’s new book published.

This late note from our speaker for the Dec. 5,2015 dinner meeting, Chris Palmer: “I’m excited to announce that my new book will be published this week by Rowman & Littlefield.”   It’s called Now What, Grad? Your Path To Success After … Continue reading

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