ECWG General Meeting January 28, 2017 Cosmos Club

The Annual General Meeting of the ECWG was postponed until the new date of January 28th, 2017 to be held at 6:15 PM just prior to the Dinner.

ECWG Board of Directors Election

Candidates for the Class of 2019

Don Gerson FE78

Polly Penhale FN91

Michael Manyak MED92

Terry Garcia MN13


Also  a change in the Bylaws has been approved by the Board of Directors and will be voted on by the membership.  The change is as follows:

2. shall, by a vote of two-thirds of those present at a formally convened meeting of the Board, remove any member of the Board for cause. The unexcused absence by a Board member from any two formal meetings of the Board in any calendar year shall constitute cause. The unexcused absence by a Member from four other formal meetings of the Explorers Club Washington Group, including lunch and dinner meetings, during any year shall likewise constitute cause. The Chair shall have the exclusive authority to determine if any absence is excused. The Secretary shall maintain a record of all unexcused absences. Cause for any reason other than those set forth above shall be within the discretion of the Board. This amendment shall be in effect as of Feb 1, 2017 pending passage by the ECWG membership at the January 2017 members meeting.”

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