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The Explorers Club Washington Group has taped all the talks given at the Group’s dinners at the Cosmos Club since October 1987.  DVDs of these talks, which are listed below, are available for sale. For more information please contact Donald Gerson at

Title Date Speaker
Confessions of a Wildlife Film Maker
12/5/2015 Chris Palmer
A melting landscape
11/21/2015 Bruce Molina
From Astronaut Photos to Environmental Intelligence 9/19/2015 Kathrine Sullivan
From Butaritari’s Coral Reefs to Arlington 4/11/2015 Harry Brooks
Preparing for a Journey Into the Unknown 5/16/2015 Hans Peter Plag
The Liberation of Dachau 3/17/2015 Alan Lukens
Travel Health and Security
2/28/2015 Michael J. Manyak
The New Age of Exploration
1/6/15 Terry Garcia
The Search for Human Origins
12/7/2013 Lee Berger
South Pole – Antarctica… 12/3/2011 Jerry W. Marty
Hidden Tribes of the Amazon… 11/19/2011 Scott Wallace
The Warwick Project – Bermuda… 10/16/2011 Jason Paterniti
The Search for the Perfect Reef… 9/17/2011 Craig Cook
Cheetah conservation… 5/14/2011 Laurie Marker
Recovery of Mt. St. Helens… 3/24/2011 Elise Larsen
Medicine in the Ancient World… 2/12/2011 Sarah K. Yeomans
The Wayfinders: Why Ancient Wisdom Matters…How to buy videos 1/15/2011 Wade Davis
Ghost Ships and Sea Monstors 12/4/2010 Emory Kristof
What Happened to Amelia Earhardt? 11/13/2010 Thomas F. King
Expedition Medicine 10/18/2010 Michael J. Manyak
The Attempt to Remake New Castle, Delaware 10/2/2010 Brian Cannon
Hunting Dinosaurs in Tamerlane’s Backyard 9/18/2010 Hans-Deiter Sues
The Secret of the Priest’s Grotto 5/22/2010 Chris Nicola
Google Earth and Space 5/21/2010 Robin Ziegler
Exploration and Field Research ProgramHow to buy video 4/17/2010 M. F. Muth and and Sarah Yukich
Three Summers in the Arctic 3/4/2010 Donald J. Gerson
Mathew Fontaine Maury 2/20/2010 Frank R. Power
Starved Pythons and Fattened Ancestors 1/23/2010 Dr. Neil L. Norman
Images From a Frozen Continent 12/5/2009 Alan  and Colin Campbell
The Mysteries of the Gobi, Wild Camels, Lost Cities 10/7/2009 John Hare
Colca Canyon, Peru 25 Years Later 9/19/2009 P. Chmielinski, A. Pietowski
Whooping Cranes 6/13/2009 Ken Lavish
Deep Ancestry: Genographic Project (no audio) 5/26/2009 Spencer Wells
The Search for Steve Fossett 4/25/2009 R. Hyman, L. Toulmin
Images of Spain 3/7/2009 Donald J. Gerson
Exploration and Field Research Grants Prog. 2/21/2009 Stanton, Zeigler
Saga of the Hubble Space Telescope 1/17/2009 Robert Zimmerman
Return to Penguin City 12/6/2008 Lloyd Fales, Bill Sladen
Ancient Petroglyphs in Panama 11/15/2008 Robert E. Hyman
Sabatoge in the Arctic:Fate of the Nautilus 10/17/2008 Stewart B. Nelson
Site Planning at 1376 Feet 9/20/2008 Curt Westergard
Shaolin: Temple of Zen 6/14/2008 Justin Guariglia
The Grand Saga of the Monarch Butterfly 5/17/2008 Lincoln P. Brower
Grants Program 4/12/2008 Faith and Luther
James Lippett Clark 3/26/2008 Frank Power
Exploring Climate Change in Polar Regions 2/9/2008 Julie M. Palais
Exploring Mars: Fingerprints of Life 1/12/2008 J. Douglas McCuiston
The Human Face of Climate Change 12/1/2007 Anna Kerttula de Echave
The Great Rift Valley 11/11/2007 Elizabeth L. Gilbert
All About Malta 10/16/2007 Donald J. Gerson
Into the Unknown 9/15/2007 Marty and Lee Talbot
Hondouran Emerald Conservation Expedition 5/5/2007 Hyman and Atwood *
Grants Program 4/14/2007 Hutchins and Cook
Exploring the French and Indian War 3/6/2007 Frank R. Power
King Kong and the Explorers Club 2/17/2007 Michael D. Meuller *
Explorers Beware and Prepare 1/13/2007 Philip G. Lawyer
The Ice Whale 12/2/2006 Martin Nweeia *
Across Three Oceans 11/18/2006 Ralph Naranjo
To The Edge 10/14/2006 Gordon Lee Birheimer
Catastrophic Wildfire 5/20/2006 John N. Maclean
Grants Program 4/15/2006 Calderwood, Waraksa
A Tour of Death Valley 3/7/2006 Donald J. Gerson
The Elephant vs. the Pinkthroated Twinspot 2/18/2006 Katie Catapano
Adventures in Documentary Film Making 1/21/2006 Nancy Donnelly
The Explorer Archives and Making Shackelton 12/3/2005 Flemming & MacPhee
Exploring Hurricanes and Polar Climate 11/1/2005 Jack Williams
Racing the Clock on Mt. Kilimanjaro 9/17/2005 Sean Burch
Exploration and Field Research Grants Prog. 5/21/2005 Scheter and  Maskevich
Into the Eye of the Hurricane 4/16/2005 Jeffery B. Halverson
Photo Journey – Rocky Mountain N.P. 3/23/2005 Donald J. Gerson
Exploring For Conservation 2/19/2005 Lee Talbot
Health and Safety in Travel to Mars 1/15/2005 Richard Williams
The Origin of Human Adaptability 12/4/2004 Richard B. Potts
The Amazon 11/13/2004 Meg Symington
Naval History of Chesapeake Bay 10/2/2004 James W. Cheevers
Chocolate 9/18/2004 Joyce M. Johnson
Being There 5/15/2004 James P. Blair
The Leeward Islands 3/9/2004 Frank Power
Planning the High Plateau Expedition 2/21/2004 Keith Garman
Adventures of a Reluctant Dolittle 1/17/2004 Timothy Friend
From Antarctica to Space 12/6/2003 Desmond J. Lugg
Ecuador and Irian Jaya – Grantees 11/15/2003 Clark and Wesch
The Monitor 10/25/2003 John Broadwater
Diving the Titanic 9/20/2003 Michael J. Manyak
The World’s Worst Skiing Trip 5/14/2003 Gjeldnes and Larsen
Sir Edmund Hillary and the People of Everest 4/26/2003 Anne B. Keiser
Reporting in Morocco 3/12/2003 Louise S. MacDonald
Shark Chronicles 1/25/2003 John A. Musick
Envisioning Antarctica 12/7/2002 William L. Fox
ECWG Grant Awardees 11/9/2002 Wolff and Shirley
First Dives on the German Battleship Bismark 10/26/2002 Alfred Scott McLaren
Indonesia Under Water 9/14/2002 Wolcott Henry III
Exploring Afghanistan 5/18/2002 Gary W. Bowersox
Barcelona to Venice 3/13/2002 Donald J. Gerson
Cyprus-Exploration and Field Research 2/24/2002 Roger Beatty
Great Discoveries in Space Science 1/26/2002 Stephen P. Maran
The Life of Edward Wilson 12/1/2001 David M. Wilson
A Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea 11/10/2001 George Martin
Disaster Epidemiology for Explorers 9/22/2001 David A. Bradt
“Megatransect” 5/19/2001 Michael Fay
Travelling the Inca Road 4/14/2001 Karin Muller
Discovery of Africa 1/13/2001 Pierre Sales
Exploring Our World; A Personal Odyssey 12/13/2000 Don Walsh
Great Exploration of the Louisiana Purchase 11/18/2000 Ralph Ehrenberg
Virginia’s Caves 10/7/2000 Jeanne Gurnee
20th Century History of the Bering Glacier 9/23/2000 Bruce Molina
New Species of Lemur in Madagascar 5/20/2000 Connie Bransilver
The Galapagos; Filming the 3D Imax Film 4/15/2000 John Ross
The California Trail – Part 3 2/16/2000 Charles Burroughs
A Waterways Trip in Russia 2/16/2000 Donald J. Gerson
Myths and Mysteries of the Giant Squid 1/15/2000 Clyde Roper
Journalism on Ice, Polar Research in Press 12/11/1999 Curt Suplee
Running the Amazon 11/13/1999 Pitor Chmielinski
The Canaan Landscape 10/31/1999 John Northeimer
The Everest Extreme Expedition 9/17/1999 Robert E. Hyman
Saving the Nakai-Nam Theun Forest 5/22/1999 Lee M. Talbot
Exploring Israel, Art, Achitecture, Religions 4/17/1999 Harvey Schrater
Six Days With the Fish: Living and Working.. 2/21/1999 Ellen Praeger
Traveling in Australia and New Zealand 1/15/1999 Donald J. Gerson
Around the World Under the Sea 12/5/1998 Norbert Wu
Inside Iran – A View From a Shador 11/14/1998 Jane Robinson
The California Trail – Year 2 of 3 11/14/1998 Charles A. Burroughs
Future of Gettysburg  National Military Park 9/19/1998 John Mc Kenna
Who Discovered the North Pole? 2/22/1998 Robert A. Bryce
Searching for the Grail 5/16/1998 William W. Fitzhugh
In the Footsteps of Joshua B. Burroughs, 49er 1/24/1998 Charles A. Burroughs
Antarctic Tourism 12/6/1997 Jeff Rubin
East Meets West: Human Origins in China 11/15/1997 Richard B. Potts
Vanishing Cultures – Images Lost 10/18/1997 Stanley L. Spielman
A Jefferson Legacy: Dinsmore & Neilson 9/14/1997 K. Edward Lay
UVA Airship Program 9/13/1997 Members of Program
Global Warming, Science, Policy, Economics 9/13/1997 Patrick Michael
Research Trips to China 7/13/1997 Kevin Conrad
Sacred Mountains, Andean Ice Mummies 6/6/1997 Johan Reinhard
Three on Boat, Including Cat 2/23/1997 Michael Poboronchuk
Three Tall Tales by ECWG Fellows 1/10/1997 Watkin, Littlewood, Rathel, Kopf
Greatest Survival Story Ever Told 12/7/1996 Geoff Selley
Warming in the Distant Past 11/9/1996 Scott L. Wing
Earth’s Capacity 10/12/1996 M. Gordon Wolman
Diversity in Amazonia 9/7/1996 William R. Stott Jr.
Fly Away Home, the Beginning 6/15/1996 William J.L. Sladen
The Lost World of Sabah 5/18/1996 Will Sawyer
Six Decades With the Penguins 5/9/1996 William J.L. Sladen
Preserving Endangered Species / Electro-Ejac. 4/13/1996 S.W.J. Seager
Exploration As Told by Four ECWG Members 3/3/1996 Raithel,Krantz,Littlewood,McLaren
The Pygmy Community of Africa, Asia, Oceania 2/18/1996 Michael D. Mueller
The Frozen Meteorites of Antarctica 12/2/1995 William Cassidy
Past, Present & Future of the Hubble Telescope 11/11/1995 Edward J. Weiler
Exploring the Huautla Abyss 10/14/1995 Bill Stone& B. am Ende
Exploration of Mankind, A Science in Its Infancy 9/23/1995 Sylvester H. N. Zumbrun
The Joys of Biology: an Autobiographical Exp. 6/24/1995 Michael H. Robinson
The Vikings: The First True Explorers 5/24/1995 Eric Littlewood
Antarctica Revisited – East Base 5/20/1995 Edith “Jackie” Ronne
New Guinea: Gentle Warriors and Their Future 4/21/1995 Giraud V. Foster
Sambu Archeological Research Expedition 2/4/1995 Robert E. Hyman
A Different Trans-Siberian Route 1/7/1995 Ronald E. G. Davies
Astro Physics at the South Pole 12/10/1994 Doyal A. Harper
The Environmental History of Human Origins 11/19/1994 Richard Potts
Triumph Then Dispair 9/17/1994 Reimert T. Ravenholt
Explorers of Ethiopia 6/18/1994 Chris Rosenfeld
Ultralight Goose 5/14/1994 William J. L. Sladen
Exploring the Universe With the Hubble Tel. 4/16/1994 Laura Danly
Four Talks by Explorers 2/16/1994 Gonzales,Winter,Manyak,Neff
Dreams and Realities: A Geographer’s Quest 1/9/1994 Barry C. Bishop
Ant. Hist. Site, Cultural Res. Management 12/4/1993 Edith Ronne, Broadbent
New Perspectives on the Environment 11/13/1993 Kathryn D. Sullivan
The Monitor National Marine Sanctuary 10/16/1993 John Broadwater
Human Destiny 9/26/1993 Donald S. Coffee
The Wealth of the Indies 6/19/1993 Mary Vance Trent
Impact of Adv. Travel on Developing Countries 4/18/1993 Robert McConnell
Kilauea Volcanu, Hawaii 3/6/1993 Richard S. Fiske
Ancient Hunters of America 2/6/1993 Dennis J. Stanford
Exploring the Ocean World 1/9/1993 Stewart B. Nelson
Antarctic Ecosystems 12/12/1992 Penhale, Hawthorne
Ibn Battuta, The Ultimate Explorer 11/14/1992 Thomas J. Abercrombie
Surgeon on Icebreaker, HEWA Cannibals 10/17/1992 Levinson, Thomas
Columbus Quintcentennial 9/27/1992 Hess, Koski-Karell,Watkin
Battles Over Historic Shipwrecks 6/13/1992 Peter E. Hess
Adventures in Tropical Biology 5/9/1992 Michael H. Robinson
The Antarctic:Exploration in Eye of Beholder 3/14/1992 Peter E. Wilkniss
Kids and Critters of Northern Cameroon 3/1/1992 Henry H. Hamilton
Airship Exploration: Journey Into the Past 1/11/1992 Stewart B. Nelson
The 1986 Everest Expedition 12/8/1991 David H. Swanson
Around the World of Geographic Names 11/15/1991 Richard H. Randall
The Neanderthal Controversy 11/14/1991 Patricia Shipman
The Northwest Passage Expedition 10/21/1991 VADM George P. Steele
Hubble Space Telescope: Recent Discoveries 4/20/1991 Francesco Paresce
Sleuth on the Loose, Medical Dtective 2/23/1991 Alfred Sommer
Ice Age Art, European Caves 2/16/1991 Gladys Callahan
Kamchatka Experience 1/12/1991 Robert Perkins
Search for the Earliest Modern Humans 12/9/1990
The Great Barrier Reef 11/17/1990 Frank Talbot
Saving the Tropical Rainforests 6/9/1990 Judith Gradwohl
The Bayeyi of the Okavango Delta of Botswana 5/19/1990 Tom Larson
Hubble SpaceTelescope Mini-Symposium 4/28/1990 Paul Hanle, Moderator
Dinosaurs of the National Capital Area 2/3/1990 Peter M. Krantz
Voyager Explores the Outer Solar System 1/13/1990 Michael Kaiser
Antarctica Today 12/10/1989 Paul Derocher
Peary Before the Pole 11/15/1989 William E. Davies
The Gulf Stream Mystery 9/23/1989 Alan Carr
Lands, Legends and Laughter 5/20/1989 Carolyn Patterson
The Great Baloon Adventure 3/18/1989 Buddy Bombard
Richard Leakey Land 2/18/1989 Harvey,Phyllis Schreter
The Northwest Passage As Told Through Maps 1/21/1989 Charles Burroughs
Tower Karst and TempleCaves of Thailand 12/17/1988 Marcia&William Halliday
Cruising Down the River 11/19/1988 Richard L. Stanton
Katun River Expedition 10/15/1988 John Lentz
The Potowmack Canal 6/10/1988 Bill Garrett
The Jeanette Expedition 5/17/1988 Jan Herman
Operations of the NOAA Fleet, Nat. Aquarium 4/16/1988 Petersen, Schreter
Remembering Steff 3/19/1988 Evelyn Steffanson Nef
Communications With Animals 2/20/1988 Jim Nollman
The Inca Trail 1/16/1988 Joan Hock
The Search for Human Origins in Central Africa 12/19/1987 Allison Brooks
The Footsteps of Explorers 11/21/1987 Hank Keastner
Finding Rare Birds in Remote Parts of China 10/17/1987 Donald H. Messersmith

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