News briefs: 3rd Quarter 2010

News briefs: 3rd Quarter 2010

Two ECWG members participated in the 2010 Boy Scouts of America National Jamboree July 26-Aug. 4 at Fort A.P. Hill near Bowling Green, VA.

Membership director Robert Atwater LF ’05 was selected to be President Obama’s escort during the 100th anniversary celebration of the founding of the Boy Scouts of America at the Jamboree. However, when the president declined to attend, Bob was consoled by becoming the escort for both the Baltimore Ravens Cheerleaders and for Mike Rowe of the Discovery Channel’s Dirtiest Jobs.

Dr. Michael Manyak MED ’92 was an invited speaker for the National Eagle Scout Association (NESA) at the Jamboree. He was jointed by Dr. Ken Kamler FR ’84 for this event, which was chaired by noted spelunker C. William Steele FN ’79, Director of NESA.

Member activities included:

Explorers Club Medalist Dr. Lee Talbot MED ’57 and his wife Marty Talbot FN ’04 climbing in the rugged California eastern High Sierras.

Smithsonian paleoanthropologist Dr. Rick Potts MED ’95 and National Science Foundation Director of Archaeology Dr. John Yellen FE ’73 working at the Rift Valley excavation site which has yielded such rich treasures for their field research.

Dr. Michael Manyak MED ’92 spoke at the University of Kentucky Wilderness Medicine Group.

The ECWG welcomed the following new members over the past 6 months: Fellows Tommy Allen, Diane (Karin) Lynn, Timothy McGeehan; Members Caroline Gabel, B. Thoms Masbach, James McInerney, Jason Paterniti, Arnella Trent, Michael Silah; Student Members Tarek Al-Hariri, Michael Becker, Eric Butter, Jonah Choiniere, Briana Dema, Alyssa Engiles, John Engiles, Louis Parent; Associate Members Thomas Barcus, Sue Jones.

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