News Briefs 3rd Quarter 2013

News Briefs 3rd Quarter 2013

For the first time in more than 50 years, researchers have found a nest of one of Central America’s rarest birds of prey, raising hope that there is still time to prevent its extinction in this region, the Honduran Conservation Coalition, announced in June.

For unknown reasons, populations of the once-common Red-throated Caracara (Ibycter americanus) have crashed in Mexico and Central America, according to the Coalition, which made the discovery.

ECWG member Robert Hyman, LF ’93, who is a co-founder of the Coalition, added that “this is an exciting and important discovery that demonstrates what can be achieved with a dedicated team of individuals. We look forward to continuing our exploration of these critically threatened Mesoamerican ecosystems. More about the discovery on the
Coalition’s Web site.

Lew Toulmin, MN ’04, of the ECWG has been carrying Explorers Club Flag 101 in an expedition in the southwestern Pacific island nation of Vanuatu to document Ambae island, which is the real “Bali-ha’i” in James  Michener’s 1946 book Tales of the South Pacific. The book was the basis of the Broadway musical and movie, South Pacific. Complete story.

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