2012 Exploration and Field Research Grant Recipients

2012 Exploration and Field Research Grant Recipients

This list of 2012 ECWG Exploration and Field Research Grants for graduate students includes each awardee’s name, the university he or she is attending, the academic discipline, the research topic, and the location where the research will be conducted.

Julie Charbonnier, Virginia Commonwealth University, “Effects of climate change on amphibians across life stages in Doñana National Park”, Spain

Ana Jesovnik, University of Maryland, College Park, entomology, “Digging deep in Brazil- natural history and evolution of the fungus-growing ant genus Sericomyrmex, Brazil

Carly F. Krause, University of Virginia, engineering and environmental Sciences, “Assessment of copper nitrate and copper nanoparticle ceramic water filters for water purification in Limpopo Province, South Africa”, South Africa

Joowon Park, American University, anthropology, “Class, ethnicity and malnutrition of North Korean defectors in South Korea”, South Korea

Kathryn Ranhorn, George Washington University, anthropology, “Exploring the archaeological context of early Homo sapiens in southeastern Tanzania”, Tanzania

Lists of grants recipients

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