2013 Exploration and Field Research Grant Recipients

2013 Exploration and Field Research Grant Recipients

This list of 2013 ECWG Exploration and Field Research Grants for graduate students includes each awardee’s name, the university he or she is attending, the academic discipline, the research topic, and the location where the research will be conducted.

Andrew Du, George Washington University, “The Tana River ecosystem as a modern analogue for ancient Hominin habitats”, Kenya

Kristin Fisher, University of Maryland, College Park, environmental science and technology, “Ureolytic microbial community composition in Maryland soils:  a missing link in understanding landscape”, Maryland

Elizabeth Flood, University of Virginia, music, “On being country: the culture of musical practice in Asheville, North Carolina”, North Carolina

Sean Furmage, American University, anthropology, “Conservation and community: a visual ethnography of elephant conservation, pastoralism and nonhuman encounter in Samburu, Kenya”, Kenya

Lisa Kuder, Hood College, “Native wildflower effects on insect-mediated pollination of soybeans”, Maryland

Jason O’Bryhim, George Mason University, environmental science and policy, “Combining genetic and sociological techniques to evaluate the status of shark populations in Costa Rica”, Costa Rica

Karen Odem, University of Maryland, Baltimore County, biological sciences, “Why duet? Exploring the function of female songs and duets in a tropical songbird”, Puerto Rico

Rebecca Whalen, Georgetown University, Biology, “Assessing the role of habitat edge effects on salt marsh community and food web interactions”, New Jersey

Chris Yakymchuk, University of Maryland, “Polyphase Orogenesis and Crustal Differentiation in West Antarctica”, Washington

Lists of grants recipients

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