Exploration mementos need a home

Exploration mementos need a home

Joe Dukert, FE 83, and his wife are looking for a new home, or homes for their collection of artifacts from  various parts of the world.

“We will be moving from “our four-level home of 46 years to a two-bedroom, den and sunroom apartment at Maplewood,” he says. “You can imagine our task in downsizing.

Some of the items that need a new home

“Our rec room is decorated with about 20 unusual masks from various parts of the world, an aboriginal monkey arrow, an atlatl, a jai lai cesta from the Philippines (vintage 1952), and a very long blow gun from a pygmy tribe in the Upper Amazon (complete with darts, albeit unpoisoned ones).”

He asked whether the ECWG is planning an auction, but was told one is not in the works for now.

He wonders whether there is  “individual member who might be especially interested in the masks. It would pain me deeply just to scrap these, and I’d welcome any help you could provide in finding these things a new home.”

The Dukerts  live in Maryland,  a block from Western Avenue (the DC line), between Massachusetts Avenue and River Road. His Phone is 301, 229-7377 and his email is: dukert@verizon.net

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