ECWG elects Board members at Dec. 6 dinner

ECWG elects Board members at Dec. 6 dinner

ECWG members attending the annual black-tie dinner on Saturday, Dec. 6, 2014 at the Cosmos Club met briefly at the beginning of the reception, to elect five members of the Class of ’17 to the Board of Directors as well as to fill four vacancies in the class of ’15. Two of these are to replace members who have been nominated to be officers.

Report on the dinner

Those elected for the Class of ’17 are: Daniel Krinsley, FE 64; Tony Meunir, FE 84; Linda Perry, FN 13; Betsy Stewart, MN 05; Lee Talbot MED 67.

Those elected for the  Class of ’15 are: Caroline Baker, FN 04; Marilyn Livingood, FN 03; H. Joe Witte FN 98, and Sarah Yeomans FN 07.

On Dec. 17 the new Board will elect officers for the calendar year 2015. The nominations for officers of the Washington Group are:

Chairman: Jack Williams, FN 03

Vice Chair: Lonnie Schorer, MN 98

Secretary: Bill Runyon MN, 01

Treasurer: Bruce Blanchard MN 78

Program Director: Michael Max, FN 05

Membership Director: Michael Wyrick MN 08

Craig Cook, MN 01 will become the immediate Past Chair

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