About Our Banner Photos

About Our Banner Photos

The photographs used for this Web site’s banner at the top of each page were taken by members of the Explorers Club Washington Group. More information about each of these photos is below. The ECWG encourages members to offer photos for our banner collection.

The photographer listed with each photo owns the copyright to the photo and should be contacted for permission to use it.

The ECWG encourages members of the Explorers Club to submit photos to be used in our banners. Please contact the Web site’s editor, Jack Williams, weatherjack@mac.com for information about photo requirements.

For the complete photos from which the banners were cropped see the Banner photos gallery.

Mike Roth took this photo of  Robert Hyman ‘LF93, on the 2,928-foot Summit of Mount Owen in the Grand Teton mountain range in Wyoming in 2009. Getting there required a two-day technical climb.

Jason Paterniti, MN’10, took this photo in Morocco approximately 65 kilometers from the Algerian border in April 2009. This panoramic view is seen from a top a prominent hamada overlooking a reg—a rocky plain.  Algeria and the western edge of the Sahara stretch out into the distance. His motorcycle helmet is in the foreground on the right. The photo was taken during the Morocco Desert Petroglyph Expedition. The expedition Web site has more information.

Ice Station Charlie, Arctic Ocean, 1959

Don Gerson, FE ’78, took this photo while on Ice Station Charlie in 1959. It and other ice stations are a relatively unknown chapter in the history of U.S. polar exploration.

The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution’s Beaufort Gyre Exploration Project has a good brief history of U.S Arctic Drifting Stations (1950s-1960s) online as a chapter in its history of geographic and scientific exploration of the Arctic.

A fjord cuts into the Greenland Ice Sheet

This photo was taken in July 2004 by Jack Williams, FN ’03, from the flight deck of a New York Air National Guard LC-130 flying from Kangerlussuaq,  Greenland, to the North Grip (North Greenland Ice-core Project) research camp on Greenland’s ice sheet at 75.1 degrees N, 42.33 degrees west.

The North GRIP research camp in GreenlandThis photo of the North GRIP research camp was taken by Jack Williams, FN “03, in July 2004. The camp was funded by the European Science Foundation and the U.S. National Science Foundation. A 2004 news report from this trip describes some of the ice core research conducted there.