Officers and Board Members

Officers and Board Members

Board Officers & Committee Chairs

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Chair Arnella Trent MN10;
Vice Chair Bill Bowerman FN19
Secretary Mark Beckler  MN20
Treasurer Bruce Blanchard MED78
Immediate Past Chair Bruce Molina  FN80

Standing Committee Chairs

Program Committee Don Gerson FE78;
Membership (and Outreach) Committee Clifton Foster     MN18
Grants Committee Polly Penhale FN91
Public Relations and Web Editor Craig Cook FN01
Ad-hoc Nominating Committee 2020 Bruce Molina FN80

Board of Directors

2017 ECWG Board

Class of 2022

Class of 2023

  • Frank Culbertson, FN19
  • Dan Gezare, FN07
  • Polly Penhale, FN91
  • Meg Walsh, FN08
  • Ken Kambis, FN11

Class of 2024