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ECWG member’s art on exhibit at American University

ECWG member’s art on exhibit at American University

“Inside The Underworld: Beetle Magic,” art created by Joan Danziger, MN’ 12, is on exhibit at the American University Katzen Arts CenterMuseum through Dec. 16.

Joan Danziger surrounded by some of her work.The exhibit consists of 72 beetle sculptures. They are consisted in different shapes, sizes and mixed media such as fused glass, metal,copper and paint. In this site-specific exhibition they are climbing up 50 foot walls, ceilings and corners of the Museum.

She is an explorer who explorers through her art.Danziger used the patterns and anatomy of beetles but has exaggerated sizes and coloring.

Her research into the world of Coleoptera has lead her to become involved with all the mythology surrounding these amazing species of insects and combines her interest in nature, animal imagery and metamorphosis.

She began as an abstract painter but the world of sculpture led her to create another exhibition called “Mythic Landscape” where she made an extensive study of trees, flora, fauna and other diverse arboreal compositions.

Her research in Turkey, Cambodia, Sri Lanka and other countries has also influenced her artwork through diverse projects.  SmithsonianMagazine art/science has written an extensive online article about her exhibit at the Katzen Arts Center.