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Dr. Manyak’s Feb. 28 talk based on his experiences as physician, explorer

Dr. Manyak’s Feb. 28 talk based on his experiences as physician, explorer

Dr. Michael J. Manyak, MED 92, who is a physician specializing in urology and expedition medicine, will spoke on “Travel Health and Security: Key Points to Keep You Safe” at the ECWG’s Feb. 28, 2015, dinner at the Cosmos Club.

Whether venturing deep into a rainforest or into an urban jungle in a developing country, things can go wrong, very wrong. Those going on an expedition or ordinary trips face many potential pitfalls and anticipation and preparation are important parts of remaining safe. Dr. Manyak says health and security are intertwined and travelers must consider both. Medical issues are security issues and vice versa.

Manyak_cover martiniDr. Manyak is the lead author of a new book on expedition medicine and travel safety entitledLizard Bites and Street Riots: Travel Emergencies: Your Health, Safety and Security. His co-authors are Dr. Joyce Johnson, FN 03, also an ECWG member and a former Surgeon General of the U.S. Coast Guard, and Warren J. Young, who is Director of Security for the International Monetary Fund.

In his talk Dr. Manyak  shared his experiences and lessons learned.

Dr. Manyak is Global Medical Affairs Executive Director for GlaxoSmithKline urologic products and the former Chief Medical Officer for Triple Canopy, Inc., a high-threat security company. He is also a Professor of Urology, Engineering, Microbiology, Immunology, and Tropical Medicine at The George Washington University.

His many awards include The Explorers Club’s Sweeney Medal and the Distinguished Eagle Scout Award. He is an associate editor of The Explorers Journal where his column on expedition medicine appears. He is a consultant to members of the National Geographic Society and served on the NASA Aerospace Medicine and Occupational Health Advisory Committee. He is Senior Medical Advisor to Global Rescue, Inc.

His Explorers Club activities include serving on The Explorers Club Board of Directors for a decade, serving on the Flag and Honors Committee for eight years, and chairing the Science Advisory Board.

More about Dr. Manyak

During his long career as an explorer, Dr. Manyak:

  • led a scientific expedition to the Central African Ndoki rain forest in
    Dr. Michael Manyak
    Dr. Michael Manyak

    collaboration with the World Wildlife Fund

  • dived on the Spanish treasure galleon Nuestra Senora de Atocha in search of artifacts
  •  served as the ship physician on the icebreaker MV Polar Star for an Antarctic expedition with Students On Ice
  • dove to the Titanic wreck site in the Russian MIR submersible while serving as the medical director for the RMS Titanic salvage expedition
  •  was the medical officer on an expedition to the deepest canyon in the world in Peru
  • was on the first scientific dive in Mongolia in Asia’s second largest lakewas on an participated in an expedition to evaluate a new spectacular finding of early human footprints in Tanzania
  • rode camels in the Gobi Desert observing the very highly endangered wild camel.




Forthcoming 2015 ECWG Cosmos Club Dinners, speakers not yet announced: April 4, May 16, September. 19, November 21, and December 5.